Getting Ready…

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetSo, this Friday (in 4 days!!) we are flying to Adelaide to begin our two week holiday/road trip to the Australian Outback!  By we I mean me, my husband Emil, & our two daughters (whom recently turned three & one! See picture :)) We are also traveling with dear friends of ours & their two daughters. It’s going to be F U N!

I am so excited to experience the outback of Australia. Anything outback, nature, native to Australia reminds me of my Dad, whom I love so dearly. He just LOVES all things native to this country. He always taught us to have a deep love & respect for the wildlife and nature within our homeland. I have always felt strange about being an Aussie girl who has never really experienced the true outback of Australia.. so I am PEAKING out about being able to tick a load of things of the bucket list! Plus of course, getting to do all this with my beautiful family & friends?! Memories for a lifetime! (Hence, the blog ;))

So you can follow on… our current plan & list of places in order we will do them is:

  • Fly into Adelaide Friday night
  • Saturday morning – pick up winnebagos
  • Head off to Port Augusta for one night
  • Drive to Coober Pedy for one night
  • Drive to Finke River for one night
  • Drive to Alice Springs!

Our whole plan/itinerary is quite loose, especially following Alice Springs. We will definitely head to Uluru soon after this, then make our way back to Adelaide with some stops again on the way. In total we have 2 weeks to make the trip!

To be honest, I have left a lot of researching to the last minute (which if you know me isn’t a surprise), so this week leading up to our trip I’ve been staying up late googling A LOT. What to do here & there… kid friendly activities… length of drives… best cafes… best coffee… the weather… etc. I have been told by a few people it will be cold especially at night. This week though, I have been looking at the temperatures & reading a lot, and it has finally sunk in, more than anything else, that we are NOT prepared for the cold that we are bound to experience! So along with many other things.. on the agenda this week, is “buy THERMALS!”

I do have to admit.. as excited as I am about this trip, & as stoked as I am to be able to experience my countries culture in a new way.. I have been in two minds about it at times… Half of me has always wanted to go on this trip & the other half of me (as well as many others who have asked me this same question as our holiday approaches) wonders “what else do you do once you’ve seen Uluru?” A close friend said to me what I had sometimes thought in my head, “Won’t you get there and go ‘Oh cool, Uluru’ now what?” BUT.. the more research I do, & the more I hear people talk with great passion about their time at Uluru, Alice Springs, & the rest of the Aus. Outback, the more GENUINELY excited I get about being able to experience this part of my country, and its culture. I especially get excited about sharing this journey with the most special people in my life, & teaching my two girls the history of their birthplace, and the rich heritage of our amazing country.

I expect I will be pleasantly, overwhelmingly, surprised. Like when you go to see a movie with the highest of expectations, only to be let down because you thought it was going to be a 10/10 & it was only a 9? I expect the Aus. Outback will be the unassuming movie that you just happened upon, yet has you sitting in disbelief at how good, amazing & mind blowing it is, and has you questioning how you never saw it coming.

I look forward to documenting my findings 😉

I’m off to google “thermals”.

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