Adelaide – Coober Pedy & exciting stops in between..

Really our trip begins flying from NTL – ADL.. fairly straightforward flight departing 7.30pm from NTL, landing two and a bit hours later in ADL!

So we arrived, got a shuttle straight to our hotel, put the kids to bed (3 hours later than usual..), then enjoyed (briefly) the last bit of luxury we will have for the next 2 weeks.

The next morning (I’ll call this “day 1” on the road) we got to enjoy a delicious breakfast & coffee around the corner from our hotel, at a place called . It was beautiful & the food & coffee was great. Not exactly kid friendly (no high chairs) but it was fine for the 8 of us. The 2 boys took off to get the Winnebago’s, & the 6 girls (myself, my girlfriend & our combined 4 daughters) went out to explore the surrounding part of Adelaide.

The boys soon picked us up & off we went to buy all the groceries we would need for the next 4 days. We meal planned so it was fairly straight forward. We had read & been told by many that to buy anything between Adelaide & Alice Springs would be EXPENSIVE so we were hoping to avoid it where possible.

After this we were finally off!! A bit later than we were hoping to be but we were off! We pushed it that day as we wanted to make it past Port Augusta. We didn’t think we would make it but we did!

We made it to a great free camp spot (Wiki Camps App FOR THE WIN!) with great reviews just 50kms north of Port Augusta. It was full, but we found a spot with our two Winnebago’s could be nestled in close together & we were set! Popped out the tables & chairs, cooked a quick spag bol. & we were loving life. It was a great first night on the road!

The next morning (day 2) we ate, got ready & we’re back on the road. We made it to Lake Hart around lunch time. A GREAT spot to stop for a break & see something cool. The whole lake is pretty much dried up so it was essentially a “lake” of salt. It’s hard, white & it makes you feel like you’re walking on a frozen over lake, like you’ll hear a crack at any moment and fall into water! We tasted it &… SALTY.

Our next magical stop – COOBER PEDY! We made it just as the sun was about to set. So we parked our Winnebagos at the Opal Inn Caravan Park & walked down the street so we could all stretch out & the kids could play. There was a great park down the road, for all ages so the kids (including the big kids ;)) were in heaven.

We wanted to experience some of the underground life we’d heard & read so much about, so we went to the underground pub! Again, just a short walk down the road & we enjoyed drink & rest, & explored some of the underground life!

Then it was back to the caravan park for a bbq dinner & putting the kids to bed. Opal inn Caravan Park was SO GREAT! Not too expensive & we booked a few hours prior to arriving. It had great facilities, including a great bbq area with a fire pit right next to it! So once the kids were in bed we sat around the fire (convenient, as it was COLD) chatting to some caravan park employees who were travelling & working, as well as some other travellers making their way to Alice.

The morning (day 3) was a rush as we aimed to do a few things in Coober Pedy then get back on the road. First stop was “Faye’s Underground House” a tourist attraction that was quite busy when we arrived. Faye & two girl friends built her underground house with a pick! It took over 10 years! A cool little spot to get an idea of how people live underground. And it’s was a cheap tour ($35 for a family) which also included a tour of Faye’s mine underground, how she made her fortune, so it was a “two for one” kind of tour.

Our last stop before heading back on the road was an underground church! This was worth seeing, again, just because it’s underground!

Then… back on the road we went. Next stop – STATE BORDER BETWEEN SA & NT!

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