Red Bank Gorge & the beauty of free camping..

On Day 5, still in Alice, we got 6 days worth of groceries as we were heading to the Red Centre Way, Kings Canyon & Uluru, so any shopping from here on was going to be expensive.

We then headed to Hermannsburg, which was a great insight into an old mission & some Aboriginal History in that area. It was great to go through the old church that was there, some school houses & walk through buildings that had been there for such a long time & held a lot of history.

After Hermannsburg we headed to Tyler’s Pass for lunch, a beautiful lookout on a hill with 360 degree views. A lovely spot to stop for a rest.

Then it was straight to Red Bank Gorge for the afternoon with plans for camp there for the night, & we were in for a treat. It was absolutely breathtaking. We drove past the campsite to do the walk to the gorge first as it was the afternoon & wanted to get it done before dark. It was a fairy easy 15 minute walk to the gorge (I did it with my one year old in a carrier & my husband carried our 3 year old most of the way. The bigger girls (6 & 9 years old) walked it easily on their own). It just gets a bit rocky towards the end.

We got to the gorge & like I said – breathtaking. The water was COLD but we all jumped in at least once! The water was clear & beautiful & the rocks were colours of bright red and orange. I’ll let the photos do the talking..

We also saw a few rock wallabies on the walk to & from the water hole..

Back at the campsite our husbands & the kids built a fire pit with some rocks while my girlfriend & I made dinner. The views at sunset were spectacular as we were on a hill. Again, see the photos..

The campsite is paid on an “honesty system” with a box you drop an envelope & money into. We obviously enjoyed the campsite & want campsites like these to be maintained & looked after so of course we paid!

Tomorrow… 3 amazing gorges & swimming holes in the West MacDonnell National Park..

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