Kings Canyon / an epic surprise

The next morning (day 7), we made it to Erldunda Roadhouse for fuel. Waved hello/goodbye to the Emu’s at the Emu farm then headed to Kings Canyon! It felt like a LONG DRIVE..

When we arrived at Kings Canyon resort in the early afternoon there was a long line at reception & we were panicking because we only had the following night booked at a powered site! We overheard an employee say as we were lining up that they basically don’t turn people away cos there is hardly any other accommodation out there (only Kings Creek Station).

We were basically told we could camp anywhere in the unpowered sections! It was hard because it was so busy & we asked an employee about where to go & he directed us. He also said it was the busiest he’s ever seen the caravan park!

Once we parked an set up in our tiny squished space we walked out to the sunset boardwalk viewing with some ciders & beers & all the kids. It was lovely & everyone else had the same idea! It was busy but still very beautiful. An amazing lookout watching the sunset against the canyon.

We wanted to attempt the Canyon Rim walk which was going to be a 3-4 hour walk so we packed up at 8am & headed out, planning to be back around lunchtime so we could check in to our powered site.

The first part of the walk is steep & I mean STEEP.. but once that first part js done the rest is basically the rim walk (fairly flat) with the exception of some stairs to get down to the Garden of Eden and back up again. It’s a very rocky walk so while it is flat there are lots of bumps and watching your step along the way.

One part of the walk, towards the end, was looking over a sheer cliff & this had me in physical pain watching my 3 year old & husband get close to look. The kids did SO well much to my surprise. The views did not end during the entire walk! There is always a beautiful sight every way you look on the entire walk. It was magnificent & huge & overwhelming! Definitely worth doing.

Once we completed it we went back to Kings Canyon Resort & got our powered site! This was much better & we all got showered & did some laundry (a whole different ball game out here with the red dirt! Laundry is a NECESSITY!) The showers we had were in our caravan as we had overheard people in the bathrooms both days saying they couldn’t get any hot water in their showers! Luckily we were also attached to water & could fill up our caravans water after our showers!

Our plan from here was to enjoy the afternoon & night, the head to Uluru tomorrow morning first thing. This trip was already full of surprises for me personally, & Uluru was going to be the biggest yet!

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