Natural Beauty / Water in the desert

Red Bank & the 3 swimming holes I talk about here were a MAJOR hightlight for me… swimming holes in the desert? There’s just something cool about that.

On the Thursday (day 6 on the road) we got up early and left Red Bank to experience some more swimming holes. First on the list was Glen Helen Gorge (Glen Helen along with Red Bank & the next 2 gorges are all apart of West MacDonnell National Park). You can camp there & there was a little kiosk & toilets as well. It was a short easy walk and the lookout over the water between the gorge was just stunning. My hubby swam here & did some rock climbing with the bigger girls, but most of us didn’t swim (although we could have, but the water was again, cold).

Ormiston Gorge was next on our list. We drove a short way & it was fairly busy, but not so busy it wasn’t enjoyable. There is plenty of space for people to spread out. We had another short walk to the swimming hole & this one & Red Bank were probably my favourite. Just a beautiful place to swim & again, swimming holes in the desert!? Just amazing.. & you feel you at least have to jump in!

From there you can do a 20 minute walk to a very high lookout which the husbands did & my friends 9 year old daughter. We were wanting to get on the road after we ate lunch so the mums & smaller girls went back to the caravans to get it all happening, but the boys said it was worth it.

From here we had another short drive to Ellery Creek Swimming Hole & again – STUNNING and a real natural beauty. This one was definitely worth seeing and going to but was SO BUSY it was almost not enjoyable but not quite ;). You can also camp here as other friends out ours were doing at this time!

We stayed for the afternoon then headed back to Alice for fuel & some essentials. Then we were quickly back on the road headed to Kings Canyon! We stopped at Stuart’s Well (free camping) again & stayed the night.

Tomorrow off to Kings Canyon! This one was another epic surprise…

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