The drive to Ayers Rock Resort was special as we got our first glimpses of Uluru itself. It got us so excited to get closer!

We arrived to Ayers Rock Resort around lunchtime & there was a line-up of caravans outside the park on the main road! My girlfriend & I went inside to check in and the line was just as long! We finally got checked in & headed to the overflow unpowered section of the caravan park.. basically a huge dry patch of desert! But we were just happy we had a spot, as a sign on the reception door had said they were all booked out!

From here we went for a short walk to a mini lookout where you could see Uluru. It was amazing! It got us excited for the next day when we would actually go there.

After this we went to the town centre where there are a few little shops (gift shops/news agency/post office/IGA), some restaurants/cafes and a tourist centre where you could book tours etc. That’s about all there is to the town centre! So we went in to have a look at some prices for tours etc & booked in for bike rides around Uluru at 8am the next day! This was something I was really looking forward to.

That night we went to Bough House Restaurant for dinner. It was great & it was especially nice to be waited on and eat out for a change! Nice to not have to think about dinner or the dishes! This restaurant is SUPER kid friendly with a designated kids corner inclusive of a TV with movies on, boxes of toys, tables for drawing & colouring etc. We were in heaven with that little babysitting corner 😉

We got up early the next morning as we had our bike rides booked for 8am. It was fairly cold so we had long pants & jumpers on. HOWEVER, the wind chill once we started riding was unbearable! I had my one year old in a babyseat on my bike & I didn’t even make it to the rock before I had to turn around because she was NOT coping! I was devastated because as I said, this was one thing I was really looking forward to!

So 10 minutes later, my husband has returned with our 3 year old as she couldn’t cope either! 30 minutes later, our two friends & their two girls ALSO returned after getting 1km around the rock because the cold was just too much! It was like being at the snow & we were just not prepared for that. 😦 (Note to self: next time – thermals, coats, gloves, scarves, beanies… literally everything you can wear if attempting the 8am ride!)

What also didn’t help was that the rock is supposed to always be on your left. So we were riding in the shadow of the rock at the start.

After returning our bikes we regrouped & warmed up at the cafe at Uluru with some hot chocolate & coffee.. ah. Then we wandered through the art shops, which were beautiful. Something I particularly loved, was they had artists painting Aboriginal art in the middle of the shops! It was a lovely thing to observe.

From here we decided to get closer, so we drove to the base of the rock, & did a short walk along one side of it. I obviously would have loved to have been around the whole thing but it was getting to midday by this time. The short walk did suffice we saw Uluru up close & personal & it sure was something special. I’ll never forget it & i definitely want to return one day soon! I 100% believe you cannot understand Uluru until you have been & it’s not just something you see but something you experience…

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