ABOUT US.. The Escaping Kind

img_3389Hello! I’m Holly. I’m 28 years old. I have an AMAZING husband Emil, and two beautiful daughters, Honor & Ayla. We LOVE to adventure. I would say our love of this stems both from Emil’s and my upbringing. Emil grew up in Broome, WA, and as he recalls, was always outside. My family and I did A LOT of camping when I was a child, and these memories are some of my fondest ever!

For us, having children had an amazing way of bringing perspective to us and our lives. The world is ever-changing and as parents we are never short of the opinions of others on how to raise our children in this day and age. We want our girls to grow up with a solid foundation and an assurance that they can contribute to this earth! So, for us, this means getting them out and about as children! Letting them discover who they truly are outside of our four walls and away from everything that constantly demands their attention.

Obviously, this takes shape in many different ways on any given day! As you will see on this blog, we recently flew to Adelaide and traveled via motor-home to Uluru over two weeks. This trip was actually life-changing for me personally, and again brought a wonderful perspective to our lives (and inspired me to start this blog:)). What I witnessed, was my girls absolutely THRIVING! The constant adventure, keeping themselves occupied, helping their dad with the fire, and simply, A LOT of quality time as family.

Then of course there is home life! Emil & I both work, so life is full. But what I was challenged by as a result of our trip was to create DAILY, an environment where I can let my girls THRIVE. So sometimes we go out all day and “adventure”. Other days we stay home all day and just enjoy each others company, playing and doing craft or painting or dress-ups. I guess I always thought I was a very “present” parent, but I suppose we can always do more to be present with our children.

SO that is us, and my reason/cause for starting this blog! I hope one day my girls can look back on here and together we can reminisce about our wonderful life together.

Hope you enjoy!

Please leave any comments or feedback, we would love to connect!

Holly, Emil, Honor and Ayla x

Why the name, “the escaping kind”?

I chose this name not because we want to “escape” from our everyday lives as such, but more because we want to “escape” the pressure that society puts on us to live a certain way. As a result, we then have the opportunity to EMBRACE and LIVE life to the fullest, whether we are in the comfort of our home, or travelling to the ends of the world!

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